What have you done for your boat lately?


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I washed one of my boats yesterday.
Then i went fishing.....its dusty again.

I also welded up a wheel fender that was cracked from my ass using it as a step onto the boat.


Bow and stern anchor locks with mushroom anchors, Scotty's rod holders, and a trolling motor. Next up is a versatile cup holder for either beer or coffee.

Evan B

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I feel like I put a few hours of work in to my boat every week. This week: added a second transducer that I can use for higher definition in shallower situations. I have it so I can swap between that and my deepwater one them at the helm.

This morning I put a new ACR unit on for my batteries. Previous one wasn't rated for my alternator, so needed to upgrade.

Still so much I want to do, but trying to pace myself.

Rob Allen

Life of the Party
Getting ready to wet sand and buff the gel coat

Next step after that is new seats and wind shields.. after that is a new minn Kota ultrex trolling motor.. then next year it gets really expensive.... new electronics 10 inch hummingbirds front and back with pan optics or whatever hummingbird calls their live sonar.


I prefer to call them strike indicators.
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I put another hour on my boat (and motor) yesterday running down and back up the river, if that counts.
Sure does, any fish?


I installed crossbars on the subaru's roof rack earlier this week so I can transport both inflatables. I forgot to get picture but the current setup has the float tube in the car and partially deflated, mostly deflated pontoon tubes and oars underneath, then the pontoon frame (Outcast Pac 800) secured to the roof. Worked pretty good and I can still see out my rear window.

Now I just need to see some fish on the end of my line... 😒


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Got an Anchor Wizard to replace the stern mounted Scotty anchor lock on my largest fishing kayak. The Scotty works fine, but I often avoid using it since it's a bit of a PITA to deploy and retrieve frequently. We'll see if the Wizard solves that minor problem.
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