March Madness


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Absolutely unbelievable… I’m fairly certain Zac Edey will be back next year for some unfinished business. Good luck to the rest of the Big Ten.

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It's how they beat the Jayhawks before Christmas, just a swarming smothering defense.

Did I say Jayhawks?? Rock Chalk ...!!!



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You can never predict this …. It’s just pure luck if you do well (imho). Some teams are not the same teams at tournament time… some are hot others are cold, others bring back players from injuries and others lose players to injuries, some coaches do a helluva a job tinkering and coaching up players thru the season and some coaches remain stubborn. The one thing this tournament accomplishes unlike the ncaa football tournament is that the best team at the end of the year is the best team, regardless how their December was. It can reward teams that grow. They do have approximately 30 plus games so a bit easier to take hits early in the year unlike football. But sometimes you’re not getting the best 4 football teams in the nation. Something to be said about both avenues. The ability to remain near perfect through a whole season is outstanding. The ability to grow and improve within a season is also outstanding. So with football I’m a bit on the fence. They’re are football teams you do not want to play at the end of the year and because they lost a game or three you don’t have to. Not true in basketball.


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I have always looked forward to March Madness a lot. One of the best couple of weeks every year where teams compete and, in many cases, exceed their 'understood' potential. Players step up and learn one of life's lessons ---> you can do better if you put your mind to it.... Players working as a team are much better than individual performances. Coaches show their true colors and skills by supporting/encouraging/guiding/developing game plans so that can happen.

It just does get any better than that IMHO...