Tiny fly challenge.....

Tom Butler

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It's going to be 50 degrees, overcast with a little rain tomorrow on my "local" trout ditch.
As long as the wind holds, it should be a fabulous day to throw some tiny Olives on my 4wt.
Good luck, I'm jealous, we've been blown out.

Tom Butler

Grandpa, Small Stream Fanatic
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It got a little high, but it does have a dam a bit upstream (dont know the exact mileage), and its dropping pretty quick.
I just need to get out, we've been stuck inside with a sick kiddo and we all need a break from each other.
That's a nice option. The grandkids just left and now I'm going to spend a couple days out with the wife, earn time to fish some tiny flies later.

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I had a buddy tie me up a fly on a size 32 hook it looked like a piece of lint. I kept it in a glass vile. Some where in Western Washington it flew out of where I had it sitting, lost for good. I really like to fish small flies. My problem is threading the small eye. My shakes stop me from fishing them. My fingers shake in the wind.


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Great looking tiny flies TheWhispering1.....very good on the scale proportions. Where are you going to fish them?


this is the only way I would be able to tie my tippet to a small fly - and this is a sz16


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At 65 size 22 was tiny. At 70 size 20 was tiny. At 75 size 18 was tiny. At 80 size 16 was tiny. Now nearing 85 and with cataract surgery I have seen no further deterioration and can still tie and fish 16's with no problem. That's as small as I need to go as I seldom fish for snotty picky fish. The calendar will ultimately determine what we regard as tiny.