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Weird anomaly, out of 250 eggs +/- die off, they are all tiger striped, except for big girl here. Light gray mottled, not sure if this is a phenotype or an egg from a different strain slipped into my order. She's(I dunno if it's a she) is well ahead of the others about 2.5" long stretched out. Pretty sure it's on the 5th instar where they eat 90% of the food they will consume before cocooning. I moved her to a different enclosure where I can keep the food supply constant. Not sure if I should keep for breeding, because the moths don't live long and afraid she's so far along no others will hatch in time to breed. Also would like to keep the tiger stripe going, but.. the vigor in this one. The other is the average size of the rest of them. They should be nearing the end of the growth period as most hatched around May 15 and June15 is 30 days.
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She's pretty cute in a larval sort of way.
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Sort of off topic, but I'm modifying my project to 'build a fly from scratch, seriously.'
Time to get some duck wing quills and other feathers. They aren't as white as I hoped, but they were free... time to play queen of hearts! 💕 💞 ♥️



I've been triple booked for festivals and markets all week, along with keeping my shop open. Haven't had a lot of time, more like a few minutes each day to throw some food at them... and they needed some TLC. I began moving the big catapillers to a new container with nest tubes since the aquarium was getting crowded and nasty, some started spinning cocoons in the aquarium and making things complicated. Next time I'll do a different set up, I learned a few things so far. No mesh netting for one, and try to use real mulberry leaves, the chow is a pain to work with and clean around. Also do smaller numbers of eggs, like maybe a batch of 50 not 250. The first moth hatched way earlier then the rest so hopefully I get a few more hatched so I can mate them before the first one dies. I'll see how many eggs I can get and save for next year. After I have enough eggs I'll start baking cocoons to stop the pupation and save those cocoons to reel into silk thread. Then start pickling some to make into silk gut.