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Tucktec Folding Kayak Review

Who is it for? If you’ve got the money for a full size fishing kayak, storage space, a way to transport it, and only fish lakes where you can drive pretty close to the launch, the Tucktec isn’t for you. But if you’ve got a small car, live in an apartment, or want to kayak fish lakes that don’t have a car accessible launch, then I’d encourage you to read on…

Playing the Stillwater Game from Scratch Pt 3: Locating and Executing

Where… Just like ‘when,’ we’ll also make ‘where’ a two-dimensional search, this time by considering which lakes to frequent, and then by locating trout once afloat at a chosen venue.

Pro Controll EZ Mount Review

The Pro Controll EZ Mount is a bracket that clamps onto the gunwale of your small jon or utility boat and allows you to use a basic transom mount trolling motor as a bow mount trolling motor. At $85, will it let you be a Bassmaster without breaking the bank?

Skagit Bull Trout Primer Chapter 5: Some Interesting Encounters

This article wraps up @Smalma’s awesome series on our native char, the bull trout. Please enjoy these stories of some really interesting encounters with bull trout that he has had over the years…

Playing the Stillwater Game from Scratch Pt 2: Timing Tips

WHEN, WHERE, HOW AND WHAT… Let’s next establish a set of four simple priorities to follow when fly fishing in lakes. In fact, the rest of this article will be about these four priorities for one very good reason – they work…

Skagit Bull Trout Primer Ch 4: A Mystery - Dolly Varden or Bull Trout?

For decades the native char of the Skagit basin was thought to be Dolly Varden. The fish had access to the salt and some of the population spend time there foraging much like the local sea-run cutthroat…

What’s New

A Beginners Guide to Alpine Lake Fishing in Washington State

A Beginners Guide to Alpine Lake Fishing in Washington State

by Dave Westburg

There are more than 1,500 lakes in Washington State above 2,500 feet in elevation. Many of these high lakes are stocked or have natural trout populations. Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of this opportunity.

New Beanies!

New Beanies!

by PNW Fly Fishing

Beanies have arrived!  Look awesome for the rest of this chilly season!  Several styles and colors available.

Trip Spotlights

Fly Fishing & Trekking in Gabon west Africa

“…..this is Dylan. I don’t suppose you want to got to Africa with me to chase monster tarpon from the beach and then track gorillas in the jungle with pygmy trackers at the end of the month?”

A Little Blue Line to the Salt

As a kid I fished the resident cutthroat population this water offers, but seldom ventured towards the mouth. And thus an afternoon outing before a family get-together turned into a two day obsession working the skinny water into the tidal salt.

2 Weeks in a Row

After a successful first backpacking trip a week ago with our four year old (where she hiked on her own), we got a call from a friend saying they had a permit for a beautiful lake in Central Oregon for the weekend of the 4th.

Getting in to fly fishing and have questions?

So, you're new to fly fishing?

Not long ago I was new to fly fishing myself. It seemed like the thing to get into when I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I had no clue what to do, not that I know much more now. I started out with a 5wt rod, reel and line combo with a starter video on casting.

"I have this particular rod. What's the best fly line for it?"

I always struggle with the response, because this is a flawed question. As a flawed person, often my response isn’t ideal. But you’re ok to ask it, because you likely don’t know enough at this point to know the right question to ask. And that is ok! Learning is a big part of the fun of this sport!

Catch & Release Fish Handling Techniques

Proper fish handling techniques are simple and can be applied across species. The more techniques you employ increases the likelihood that released fish will survive to spawn (or be caught again). Keeping sportfish populations strong begins with individual fish.

Fly Fishing in Oregon: April, May & June

This is the second entry of what will be a quarterly article on helping you know what fly fishing opportunities are potentially worth checking out. While each state, Oregon especially, has a lot of area to cover, we hope to give you a general idea of fisheries that are worth exploring at the very least.

Ask our community!

Is there anything you’re curious about in your journey to learn this sport?  Our community is eager to help get you dialed in!  Don’t hesitate to ask!

Tasty Eats & Drinks

Smoked Salmon Chowder

We lost all of our non-smoked meat in the 3-day power outage, so it’s time to stretch what we have until the freezers are full again.

So, smoked salmon chowder it is.

Gear Reviews

The New ECHO Trout X

This freshly released new rod series from ECHO just hit the scene in November 2022.  Read this in-depth review to see how it does against some of the top rods on the market!

Fly Tying

The Doppelgänger

There are some universal truths in the world, and one of those is “Big fish eat little fish”. Originally designed with hungry springtime trout and char in mind, the Doppelgänger has been proof of that statement on a whole pile of big angry fish from Alaska trout to Florida snook and every piscivorous species in between.