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Norm Frechette

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Swedish Killer

Hook - Single Salmon
Thread - Black
Tag - Oval silver tinsel
Butt - Yellow chenille
Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel
Body - Black chenille
Wing - Black or gray squirrel tail
Hackle - Blue
Head - Deer hair, trimmed

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Life of the Party
Bleachy Peachy Sedgehog




hook - WFC Model 3 #10
thread - Uni 8/0 fire orange
tag - Orvis Saltwater thread fluoro orange/resin
body - Ice Dub shrimp pink
wing(s) - deer hair bleached
shoulder - hen grizzly dyed neon peach (2 Tsp Rit Neon Yellow, 1/8 Tsp Rit Coral/2 cups water)



Life of the Party
A deer hair Spook imitation. A Spook Puppy used to be my favorite BWCAW smallmouth surface lure. Unfortunately they don't have good action with a wire leader and the northerns like them too. Fly is right at 3 inches long and used a ton of deer hair and time- I won't be making anymore until I am certain that this one fishes walk-the-dog correctly.
Shank- 80mm
Weight- brass bead in the back to help create the resistance needed to get the action.
Body- Chartreuese over olive over orange over yellow deer hair for this perch/fire tiger color combo. My favorite Spook Puppy was black and silver. Softex or liquid fusion in front
Gills- red deer hair
Eyes: 6 mm gold and black
Hook of choice attached to the shank with a split ring

James St. Clair

The Hydropsyche Larva, a free-living, or net-spinning caddis. I have seen these things all over the west, and in plentiful numbers, especially here on the East slopes of the Cascades. Here is a pic from the web:

And then here are some pics I have taken out with my kids trying to introduce them to aquatic entomology:
DSC_1842 - edit 1.jpg
I think this one is actually Rhyacophila
DSC_1837 - edit 1.jpg

And then in this one if you scan around the petri dish there looks to be a mixture of Hydropsyche and Rhyacophila along with a bunch of different mayflies and stoneflies and some other stuff.
DSC_0001 - edit 1.jpg

I came up with a super simple fly a long time ago that worked fine for both the Hydropsyche and Rhyacophila...boring to tie, but worked fine. And then I just kind of stopped fishing them, and didn't replace it with another pattern...I just kind of stopped fishing these free living caddis Larva. Which is really dumb with the prevalence of these insects in the majority of the rivers that I fish. This winter I decided that was going to change. I needed to come up with a pattern for this insect that I was stoked to fish. I do like a little realism in my flies, but I am also trying to not make them a pain in the rear to tie. And of course I am looking for durability.

After a dozen or so attempts that i wasnt happy with for one reason or another, I finally was able to combine parts of each of those flies to come up with this:

fotor_2023-1-20_15_36_39 - edit 1.jpg
fotor_2023-1-20_15_38_28 - edit 1.jpg
fotor_2023-1-20_15_39_30 - edit 1.jpg
fotor_2023-1-20_15_41_38 - edit 1.jpg

Now I'm just waiting for caddis season!

Norm Frechette

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Leven Butcher

Winged Wet Fly

Hook - Mustad S80AP
Thread - Black
Tail - Fluorescent scarlet floss (Glo-Brite #4)
Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel or wire
Body - Flat silver tinsel
Wing - Black marabou with a single strip of holographic tinsel on each side
Cheeks - Fluorescent scarlet floss (Glo-Brite #4)

Trout & Salmon Flies of Scotland - Stan Headley