Prince of Darkness


Hook -Size 10 Scud/Nymph
Wire- Non lead .025
Wrap -Small French Tinsel
Dubb -Ice Dub UV Black***
Tail -Black Goose Biot
Wing- White Turkey Biot
Bead -Tungsten 4.6 mm

***Variations of this fly use Peacock Herl

Key to this fly is using oversize bead as much of the material ends up just behind so larger bead keeps all in place

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I use Partridge for a soft hackle look. "Shoulder" feathers seem to work best. Dun color is what I use. Some recipes call for an additional hackle layer just behind the bead to hide the partridge shaft. I don't bother with that as there is enough loaded on the fly without that. Plus, with the underwire and tungsten bead it drops down fast and bumps the bottom (prepare to lose more than a few) so the added collar seems pointless