Outlaw stoneflies


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Can we get a recipe? Or maybe an SBS :D
Sure! Middle fly is my favorite.

Hook: Mustad classic larva, (ideally from discount rack on SE 82nd, with Terrible Barb.)
Tail: macrame poly yarn, like Clark’s, burnt
Wing: calf, ala Norm Woods
Body: medium cactus chenille, 1.5 turns.
Hackle: grizzly saddle, palmered, 2.5 turns.
Bronzer: Sharpie, aggressive.

Like a Renegade-headed Clark’s Stone (both GOT flies.) A big crappy hook and just the right crappy hen hackle puts this baby low in the water. Cactus chenille looks good with the grizz, a spritzed-up Adam’s. Might be a better silhouette than Clark’s, which is heresy but, still possibly true. Outlaw Country fly name: “Fairly Sound Stone” is current leader but originally “Package Show in Buffalo”, from Willie’s classic Me and Paul.

Scruffy and fun even when tied sober, which suits both my needs and my skills.

But everybody has ugly stoneflies of their own, I’m sure. Who else has stray dogs named after country songs? Let’s see ‘em.


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Welcome and nice tying! Sometimes I wonder if scruffy flies work better than perfect ties. Often they fish better after being chewed on a bit.


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I like it. I like em scruffy, like a Fran Betters stimulator, if I can find the pic I saved.
This one?



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Damnit, now I need a woodchuck skin. But it’ll pay for itself in like, idk, a few years.

And maybe my fly is actually a bomber? I like that. A lot.


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This one?

Yes that's the one, I love how he could take a fly and make it 100% his style.
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