Grey Ghosts

Dave Westburg

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I promised ParaAdams some Grey Ghosts for some bamboo rod maintenance. He did a great job on the wraps so I had to carry out my end of the bargain. First you glue the jungle cock to the silver pheasant cheeks....


Then you glue together the saddle hackle wings...


You glue the cheeks to the wings. When all this glue is applied the wing is supposed to move as a piece and stay parallel to the hook in a more minnow-like fashon rather than floating up above the hook.


Floss body...


Ribbing and underwings. some tyers put the peacock herl over and others put the peacock herl under the hook...


Mount the wings along the side and here's the finished product....


I tied a few extra for myself while I was at it. Hope to give them a go in the next bull trout season...


And here's a 4 inch long Grey Ghost I tied on a 1/0 Carrie Fisher Streamer Hook. Maybe I should give it to Clarkman to try for Musky. :)


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Dave beautiful pattern, very different compared to what is tied in the modern setting.

However I must say I thought this post was going to be about Weimaraners. So, as to provide for anyone in the near or distant future that sees this post thinking the same, I givith a grey ghost.



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I hate the late Carrie Stevens for developing that pattern for Salmon in Maine. I find it a real pain to tie, but as it "works" I find that I must tie some up every year. Dave McPhail's video is the "standard" for tying the Ghost.

If you ever find yourself in the Rangely Maine area, be sure to stop in at the Outdoor Heritage Museum. Lots of fishing and Carrie Stevens related items


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Dave, I definitely came out on the better end of our trade, those are absolutely beautiful. My first ever streamer caught fish was a 16" lake run landlocked salmon that had run up one Fall Creek in Ithaca NY back in the early 80's. Huey Lewis was playing in my head and my Cortland fiberglass rod was doubled over as that fish tried to head back to Cayuga Lake on the end of my line. I already know those bulls love your tie of that pattern, and I'm thinking I'll find some large browns ready to chase it on East Lake next fall. And Carol and I have talked about making a visit to Ithaca some fall to reminisce about grad school days...maybe I'll save one for that trip! Thanks for your terrific fly tying.

Tim Cottage

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I've only tied a few of these years ago and I tinkered with using both red and orange GP crest. I thought the best result was blood red on the bottom and natural yellow on top.