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@jasmillo Thank you for the tips. Last nights sauce was very good. Notable enough to actually note down. This one had that grumpy italian grandma vibe going.

Side note: Thank you for your service on your over at the old site. I have been enjoying watching the power of intelligence, and lack thereof. Peace out man.

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Who has a recipe for a thin crust pizza dough.. my wife and I like a crispy almost cracker like crust?


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My sauce is super simple. Start with the best tomatoes you can—which means the best tomato’s for YOUR palate. I prefer Bianco Dinaploi whole peeled. Run it through a food mill (a blender will aerate it too much). 1 tsp salt, 2tbsp olive oil, 2-4 (depending on size) crushed garlic. That’s it!


Don’t have a pizza oven? Here’s my method: heat your oven as hot as possible (500 degrees). For 30-45 minutes with your pizza stone in it. Make your pie, to get the best, softest spring in your crust try not to touch it the edge while you’re stretching it. Put your pie in the oven and immediately switch it to broil. The bottom will cook with residual heat in the oven/the stone and the top will cook from the broiler.


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You guys want to really go down a rabbit hole?

That forum is loaded with information for any type of pizza you can imagine. I have an "american style" fast ferment pizza dough that I use that's based on one of the "Papa John's" clone on there. There's also a really slick dough calculating tool here:


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Got another quick one done for the family tonight that we enjoy with a salad. I am still playing around with how heavy I want my dough balls to weigh. This was supposed to be 2 but I got tired and said screw it so its alot of pie.


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Confident in my pizzas foundation, adding some italian sausage tonight.


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Once when I was in college I concocted the Italian Taco, whereby I took a Fox DeLuxe pizza, folded it like a giant taco and filled it with fettuccine Alfredo lovingly prepared according to the instructions on the box. That was really raising the bar with pizza.


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In Scotland you can get a deep fried pizza. A standard food service frozen pizza, defrosted, folded in half like a calzone then stuck in the fryer for a minute or two. I never had the nerve to try one.


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Anyone else using a pizza steel instead of the traditional stone? I used the stone for years but it takes forever to heat, is hard to clean and breakable. I much prefer the steel, what is your opinion?

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We use a steel, works great (no pics though).



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Cool to see this thread. I picked up making pizza during COVID then eventually ventured into sourdough. It was a good hobby to do while working from home and something I could do in short bursts of free time between juggling the kids and life.

I wanted to build an oven very badly, but it just wasn't practical right now. I decided on a Fontana Forni oven.

Here's some pies from today. Not my best dough. Needed a bit longer in the fridge but I sometimes just squeeze in a batch whenever I can.



Also some fold overs to make sandwiches with later. Don't know what these are called, but seen them do it in Italian pizzerias online. Just put olive oil on one half and fold it over.



FYI, if ya'll aren't using Cairnspring Mills flour, you should be. It's beyond amazing and is also a local company and the owner fishes. It's pricey in small bags, but I order 50# bags and it ends up being like $2/lb shipped.