Microspey 4wt anyone?

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What defines microspey; line weight, length? I have a Meiser CX in 12’6” labeled a 3,4,5 that Steve G recommends a 360 grain but the grain window labeled on the rod is 300-450. At 360 grains wouldn’t that traditionally be a 5 weight? Haven’t tried lighter lines but would like to.

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Microspey = doesn't work in the wind!🤣
Grain weight is so subjective and finding the right line can be a bit of a challenge. I think a lot of it has to do with the taper of the line, and the casters technique. I have quite a few "orphaned" lines that just didn't work out, but they are very helpful in dialing in new rods. Anytime I consider a new rod, I will determine if I have on hand enough perspective lines or the budget to dial in the a new rod. For me the best line to dial in a rod whether it ends up being the final choice, and probably won't be, is the Airflo Rage with a poly leader.
I have found with the Meisers I have that a little extra grain weight isn't a bad thing.

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I've built trout speys with gbflyshop.com and Proof Flyfishing blanks. Lots of fun throwing big streamers if you get them lined right.


I wanted to get better in spey/scandi casting and picked up microspey. Now I am spending time two hand spey/scandi casting on smaller rivers. My NAM Microspey is 4wt ad I have several heads to play with (RIO Scandi Body 375, RIO elite troutspey head 305, AirFlo Compact Float 270grains ... many polyleaders, sink tips). This summer I will try microspey on lakes and perhaps even try euronymphing :) Just to see how it goes ...

All started with OPST single spey and now expanding to full spey eventually. I believe each path is determined with type of the water in your background.