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I don’t know.

But it must be pretty light, because if you read the box it says “No Air Required”.
And it comes with drink holders too… one for each hand!
I can think of several rivers you can die float that in.

Fishing the lower Klick in the late summer is crazy. There are a couple rapids I get a little puckered in (McDonalds) that they teach beginning kayaking in. then along comes a group of 20 people floating in everything from unicorns to mattresses. Somehow everybody makes it down.


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I’ll bet most of us have been tempted.
I do have a loud horn, and use it often.
A guy I used to sail with had a 5 pitch train horn in his truck, and the compressed air to blow it. Yes, it was the real deal. Could hear it miles away.


Life of the Party


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Two guys are arguing about how to pronounce Hawaii. HaWaii or HaVaii. So they called a librarian and asked her. She said it's HaVaii. They said thankyou. She says you're Velcome.