any recent intel on Rocky Ford?

I stand corrected on the water supply. In fact, a 1997 study attributed the main source of phosphorous to that aquifer and that the hatcheries contributed a negligible amount to that and were consistently monitored at the hatchery for water quality. Rocky Ford has always been nutrient rich and as such prone to possible overgrowth.
Interestingly, it also mentioned that rooted macrophytes (large submersed plants) do not get their nutrients from the water but through sediments, although the coontail is an unrooted plant and does get it from the water. It was suggested elsewhere that waterfowl excrement may be a contributing factor. Increased water flow rather than increased nutrients was considered to be the main culprit in those days. Also learned that phosphorus and potassium are not generally found in natural water flows.

That said, I stand by my statement that global warming and the increased growing season is a major factor currently and is readily observable in our lakes where algae blooms are more persistent than ever before and was not a factor in that study. My misjudgement came from my, admittedly limited, knowledge of waters like the Metolius and Silver Creek.
This has been interesting for me, I hope it has been for you.

To those interested, the report came from the Washington State Department of Ecology, September 1998, Publication# 98-326


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Surface vegetation and goop at <20% cover, good amounts of open water to fish. In-stream veg down 6-8” below the surface. Water not very clear in most places, looks algal +\- vegetation debris.

fish uncooperative for me, which is not news. Fished small all day, interesting bwo hatch noonish on this sunny day. In retrospect I should just as well been throwing clousers or deer hair poppers.

Oh, and fyi: source of water for Rocky Ford is the Columbia Basin Project facilities to the east, including the EastLowCanal and a wasteway or two. USGS did a groundwater study out here a couple of years ago, it served to correct a lot of misconceptions.

Here’s the link to the project
Did not know that. Thank you.


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To more fully enjoy the true awesomeness of the statement it must be delivered to a trapped post-luncheon audience sitting on uncomfortable plastic chairs in an overly warm hotel conference room, accompanied by a 167 slide PowerPoint presentation titled "Rocky Ford; a Multi-Seasonal Assessment of Nutrient Loading and Associated Epiphyton/Periphyton Response".
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Krusty, You ever try it post turkey, post bottle of wine and a couple of beers, the 167 slide presentation that is......?


We're on the Road to Nowhere...
Krusty, You ever try it post turkey, post bottle of wine and a couple of beers, the 167 slide presentation that is......?
No. Doing so would result in open rebellion on the home front. To be performed properly the following is absolutely necessary:

1) ....audience must be composed of somnolent but completely sober victims, their boredom unmitigated by euphoric substances,

2) .....they must be held captive by a desperate need to obtain Continuing Education Units,

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4)...... and moderators that adamantly refuse to stamp CEU verification documents before my entire torture session is complete.

Hearing at least a few stifled snores during the presentation lets me know I'm delivering great product.
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