Anderson Custom Rods Nova 2 Series


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Brand new forum member but long time PNW spey caster. Just getting into the trout spey gig after many years of chasing steelies with the long rod.

For anyone who owns or has cast the ACR Nova 2, what are your impressions? I'm looking for a rod that leans more scandi line than skagit (although would be nice if it could do both well) in the 3wt category that will be used on rivers like the Deschutes, Henry's Fork and Mo. The rod will be used to throw smaller leeches and soft hackles. Right now, I have the Echo TR2 in 3wt., which I love. I like a 270gr Skagit Scout and 270gr Skagit Lite on that rod.

Gary and company look like they make great rods so it would be nice to hear from experienced users of his sticks.



I've used his 13' 7wt for years but only with a skagit line. I had picked it over a Burkie and an Asquith for winter runs on the OP ( Puget Sound Fly Shop let me take all three sticks out to the Hoh and give them a try). I also bushwhack a lot and was a little concerned about breaking a ridiculously expensive rod. With my rudimentary casting skills, it was by far the best value and yet significantly smoother and lighter to cast in my hands than the Redington or Echo ( although I have a lot of fun with a Hydrogen 2 wt and a 3wt for SRC and pinks). I never got to try one of Bob Meiser's rods, but I believe I will pull the trigger on one of his rod kits for a 4 wt, also with the idea of the Mo in mind. I've been using bamboo doublehanders for trout for the past couple years, and enjoy playing fish more compared to graphite, but casting with a light graphite rod is soooo much fun! Gary's rods must be good as I rarely see them on the secondary market and he is such a nice guy to talk with.
Bearing in mind, this info is coming from a very mediocre caster that doesn't catch a lot of fish....but loves standing in a river swinging flies.