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    Buying a Bluewater Boat
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    There is micro plastics in the rain, hows that for disturbing!
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    Derelict fishing gear

    Wasn't a Tulaip warden busted for poaching crab?
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    She asks why my room is messy? Consolidating residence.

    Thats it, man amature hour! I have more than that in my kitchen :ROFLMAO:
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    Proposed Coastal Steelhead Rules

    Just go fish, fuck the Quinaults! Get a good old fashioned "fish in" on the Queets a couple times in protest!
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    Summer run, Bennetts Halo maybe?
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    Puerto Vallarta and north??

    Captain Paublo in Sayulita, a small surf town north of PV, I would go there and skip PV ;)If you need a rental I know a greta place!
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    Bird flu

    One of the 2 resident mating pairs of Bald Eagles in Lincoln park in west Seattle died last week of bird flue.
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    Whats in your smoker?

    Did 2 Boston buts for a work potluck, not my best work but every trip is new water and new experience!
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    Whats in your smoker?

    I have a friend that loves pecan for red meat and plan on trying it for that. But my salmon smoker will remain with alder :)
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    Whats in your smoker?

    Burnt ends!
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