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    Westside bass check-in

    I’ll probably get out one more time this weekend
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    NFL 2022 Season

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    NFL 2022 Season

    Is this actually true?
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    AC or DC Raft Pump Recommendations

    I use this and top off with a kpump mini. it can use battery or cig lighter...
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    Which one are you?

    This is who I want to be.
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    Which one are you?

    How about a combination of the top three in a single day?
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    Skunked....but really, was I?

    How’s the back?
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    2022 Garden Thread

    Definitely the longest tomato season I’ve had in awhile.
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    NFR What's your favorite fragrance?

    Mine's still a little too young to truly embarrass.
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    NFR What's your favorite fragrance?

    Gawd dad. Don’t embarrass me in front of my friends.
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    The "How was your weekend?" thread...

    Has the coast range gotten any rain? I have my normal 2nd or 3rd week of sept spot I go out there but it’s just been so dry.
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    Local Beach Report

    That bottom didn’t skip seconds at the local Sizzler.
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    Bread Thread

    Always pizza.
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    NFL 2022 Season

    His 1k sq ft kitchen is bigger than my house.