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I would like to donate a one time $75. I don't do paypal and really don't use my credit card online. Can I send a check? Great site. Thank you
I bought the 4 pc XP from you last week, and would happily buy this 2 pc if I’m able to sell the 4 pc to one of the guys who expressed an interest in it. I’ll be back in touch with you later today if you still haven’t sold it by then.
Hi Itchy - Hey I'll take the Z-Axis 690-4. You say 400 plus shipping, would $410 via Paypal G&S cover it to Buckley WA 98321?

Andy Stelma ("Merle" on PNWFF)
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Itchy Dog
Itchy Dog
I imagine it’ll be a bit more than $10 for shipping. I’ll have to get a quote if you like.
Been watching for awhile and decided to join PNW Fly Fishing. I’ve been over at WFF and Spey Pages (using the same handle) for a few years but, the ads are completely out of control. I don’t think anyone is home on those sites most of the time so others must feel the same adversity to excessive advertisements. I live in rural Spokane county and fish mostly Washington and Idaho plus Oregon and Montana when I can.
Started fly fishing since I was a kid on Vancouver Island. Been fishing non-stop since on both sides of the 49th and love beach fishing for SRCs and salmon. Have also made it up North for arctic char, trout, salmon and graylings. We currently live in Arizona and have been fishing in WA, CA, AZ and NM. Blessed to go tropical fishing in Cuba, Florida, the Bahamas, Christmas Island, Hawaii and Belize.
Good afternoon,
I'm writing to ask if your waders or wading boots are still available? If so, I'd like to pick them up for my son.
Thank you,
Jeff Dodd
New to fly fishing. Been fishing pretty much my whole life. Can't wait to learn more about fly fishing. Also, excited to learn how to make flies that hopefully catch fish.

I'm not committing - yet, but I have been cogitatin' about getting something for my fishing trips. And the CASA might be a better alternative than anything I've been considering. Why don't you use it the rest of this summer, and if you still want to sell it come fall, please don't without checking with me first.


Only three more years til I can think like a fish! Get busy living, or get busy dying!
Is that Jenny Lake? It looks like what I remember from a trip over to MT and Wyoming there after dropping off our daughter for college at Carroll in Helena one year. We used to go over there when I was a kid and we lived in Idaho Falls. Rented cabins at Seeley for years.
The Seeley cabins were rented in the 1960s. ...
Did your Force Fins sell and go through? If not please let me know. I bought a Large and they are pretty tight with my wading boots.
Jeff Dodd
Jeff Dodd
Someone is coming tomorrow, so let you know.
Thank you for the inquiry