What have you done for your boat lately?


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Yeah the herringbone one looks like a feather. Beautiful work!


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calmed it down by explaining in a soothing voice the new Trex deck will be finished tommorrow, so on Thursday we're off to finally ice free Crane.
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How many of you are using bimini covers during summer?

I'm ok baking in the sun if I'm busy fishing, but not when I'm eating lunch onboard. So...
I pulled the bimini cover that came with my 14' Valco out of the garage rafters. It's been up there since I bought the boat in October of 2015. I didn't think I would ever use it. Well, I'm gonna try it for mid-day lunch shade. I usually pull into the shade of shoreline trees for lunch, but that can be an adventure on a power boat lake like Mayfield or Tapps.
I spent $7.45 on mounting hardware and it fits great. I can have it down, in the cover, laid back on the outboard while fishing and then just open it up for lunchtime. It doesn't interfere with steering when laid down so should be easy. We'll see.