SBS The Muddled Beadhead Gold Ribbed Hares Ear

Tom Butler

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One of my favorites. The Muddled Beadhead Gold Ribbed Hares Ear. Sz 8 Hannok BL 400, burnt orange tread of some kind. A 4 or 4.8mm in brass or tungsten. I started the thread behind the bead, then wrapped down and left an orange butt.

tied in a clump of hares ear mask hair for the tail

I should be tying in the soft hackle and the gold ribbing, but I got the light and dark blends on the waxed thread too soon.

Dubbing loop spun up and partridge feather tied in with enough room between bead and hackle for a spun head.

Here is the completed soft hackle portion of the fly. For my normal fly the hackle would be behind the bead and I'd dub a little more fur and finish.

I have been trying different methods to build a muddled head, clumps or spun, do what works for you. I'm not good at it but they catch fish.

This one was spun round and after a few wraps the thread broke. 1/2 hitched in again, secured hair, and tied off.

Getting better holding a bent razor blade, and now have a regal rotary which help quite a bit to trim and shape a head.

The collar on this one is a bit thick, but it caught lots of fish. I usually start with a quick rub in the mud and some "shaping". Cast up, dead drift down, lift, drop back down, then retrieve. Or any portion thereof you want.