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Randy Taylor

This is where I caught my first steelhead on the Rogue River When I was 12 years old.
Across the
River,near that dry spot.I wasn't fly fishing then,that came later in life.We Caught
Alot of Steelhead
Later on in this area.alot.


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How did I lose track of this thread? Beautiful shots galore. For sure, the scenery is among my favorite things about fishing and the places it takes us.

Here's some pics from a summer trip to Utah:

Jones Hole:
20230717_165022.jpg 20230717_170850.jpg
Yellowstone River (no, not THAT Yellowstone.)
20230716_171908.jpg Also went to Flaming Gorge, which was amazing, but I failed to remember to take pictures while trying to figure out some pretty discerning but occasionally willing trout. Awesome place. I shall return....