SBS Hi-vis Emergent Adams Cripple


I love emerging mayfly patterns. I'd argue that they're the most important mayfly imitations to have in the box- picky fish often prefer them over dun patterns, and in blizzard type hatches they often attract more attention than adult or dun patterns. And, I hate tying parachutes for some reason so it works out pretty well for me.

This one's my spin on a very popular blanket category of cripple patterns. Hell for all I know, someone else commercially ties this exact fly. But I tie mine with love, so they fish better 😅.
This fly floats really well but hangs low in the water. Let's put 'er together!

This one tied on a size 14 standard dry hook. 72D Uni thread in a rusty brown color.
Tie in a bunch of cinnamon parachute post or similar synthetic material. I use about 1/3 of a clump (they come in pre-separated bunches) Or, substitute brown CDC for lower-riding and buggier fly. Tie in a strand of midge flash or similar.


Wrap up the body with grey ultra fine dubbing. Rib with the crystal flash- picture doesn't show it well.


Tie in a thin segment of hi-vis foam and a hackle- I'm using a furnace/sorta badger looking hackle from a Whiting bugger pack.
Side note- This particular pack of hackle is AWESOME. You'll get a huge variety of variegated hackles, ranging from smoke/black, brown/black, brown/tan, and black/tan in color. Incredibly versatile and I use them on 90% of my dries, they make beautiful stimulators and caddis patterns.


Tie in a clump of stacked deer hair. I'm using full size deer hair- not the short/fine stuff, probably 18-20 strands worth.


Dub the body with more grey superfine dub and pull the deer hair towards the eye of the hook, tying it down just behind the eye. Give 'er a few thread wraps between the eye and the deer hair to get it to stand up a bit and not crowd the eye. Bring the thread back to behind the deer hair.


Wrap the hackle forward, about three times should be good, but use more if you want more bug to your fly. Secure and trim right behind the deer hair.
Apologies for the blurry picture 🤷‍♂️


Pull the foam forward and secure it to the same point as the deer hair and hackle. I give it two wraps, add a small amount of super glue to the thread and finish 'er off. Whip finish if you prefer.


Trim the hackles on the bottom of the fly nearly flush with the underbelly.


Here's the fishes' view! Looks like I did a sloppy job of nipping the thread at the end- which means it won't catch anything ;)....I'll blame it SOLELY on dull scissors 😁


Happy hunting!!