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This Etsy shop has a rotating list of interesting fly tying materials. I've bought a few things, including materials for a traditional Tupps Indispensable!



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I just got 24 size 14 prince nymphs for $14. We'll see how they hold up before I decide if it was a good impulsive deal or not a good deal. They look good though! I ran across it on Facebook..20220527_054404.jpg


J Stockard is usually competitive on fly tying material pricing. The 15% off code that ends today makes it a good time to stock up or try something new.


I wondered the same thing; they have some good testimonials.
I was told the drags are the same across tiers but housing/spools change (cast vs machined etc). Its just a little sealed cartridge.

While loading I did something (on account that I dont know sh!t and prolly user error).. sent an email and Lamson had a new drag unit out in a couple days and said if there were any more issues send the reel in they'd sort it... repair/replace.

Havent been able to actually test the drag in real world conditions yet... ive been trying...but so far the company was stand up... regardless of bargain bin purchase. For reference, I went with the liquid 3 pack.

Time will tell.