Blast from the past - drone video of me spey casting 6 years ago!!


Bill.....I was hoping to see a slow mo video of you rocketing a cast across the river, the line and tight loop looking like an irresistible force as the fly lands gently on the water. : )


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Love the Guideline stuff! Love the music too! That La Cie kicks ass, I've cast it more than a few times and have friends who own that rod!

My video was put together and there's a ton of additional footage.. at one point the drone was about 10' above my head and I was worried I would get my line into it!

I will probably get a small drone in the future and play around with it at some of the Spey events I go too. Plus use it to scout locations and see if people are already down where I want to fish! Ha!


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Must be awkward having a drone following you around, let alone the full orchestra. Loose lips and all….


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Nice video. The sound-track for my spey casting would be more like Looney Tunes background music, with lots of 'wahhh, waaahhh, waaaahhhhs'