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I copied/pasted below from - it's fairly certain there will be a geomagnetic storm sometime on the 19th. A G2 class storm could mean that the aurora will be visible to the unaided eye in parts of the PNW.

AND ANOTHER CME IS COMING: A huge magnetic filament erupted on Sept. 16th (movie), hurling a CME almost directly toward Earth:

NOAA and NASA models agree that the CME should hit Earth's magnetic field on Sept. 19th. NOAA says early on the 19th, NASA says late, which gives a sense of the uncertainties in their respective forecasts. The impact could spark G1 (Minor) to G2-class (Moderate) geomagnetic storms. During a similar G2 storm on Sept. 12th, auroras were photographed in multiple US states as far south as Colorado and Missouri. It could happen again this week.


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I could just barely see a bit of aurora activity here at the house looking north. I was hoping it would get better as it got later, but the clouds started rolling in.

My buddy in Ellensburg sent me some really impressive shots from tonight. But he’s out in the hills away from light pollution and has a clear sky.

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There’s a pretty good geomagnetic storm underway this evening. Folks in the northern part of Washington, Idaho and Montana should be able to see the Aurora.
Our morning 3-state HF ECOM training net today sure was challenge.