7'6" 4 wt 2 piece 2 tips


Building for a friend to use on the Yak. Not sure about the taper yet. One tip section ready for heat treating. Still have some node straightening and rough planing on the other sections...
My ankle is sore, so no fishing for a little while.


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Ready to heat treat.
This is for a buddy that’s never fished bamboo before but is an avid fly fisher. I was thinking of a small stream dry fly taper. I’d normally experiment a little, but I don’t want to mess up his impression of bamboo with possibly a less than proven taper.
It’ll be 7’6” anywhere from a 3wt to 5wt.
Any suggestions as to a taper? I have an idea for one, but figured it’d be a good idea to brainstorm a little before I start final planing.
Thx for input,

Mike Monsos

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A Dickerson 7613 (7'6") is a great transition taper for a plastic convert. Pretty fast action and really a sweet casting rod. If you want, you can cast mine for an idea of the action.



I decided to take your advice and am going with the Dickerson 7613. I was going to go with a Perfectionist as I really like mine, but after reading the posts, this sounds like a great taper and my buddy could even throw the occasional small streamer with it. Sounds great for the Yak as an all purpose rod. I have to admit I'm curious as to how it feels, so I can't wait to throw a line on it when done.
Thanks for the suggestion.