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    Dubbing Loops

    I use one of these for what you want to do. It works amazingly well and is inexpensive... pretty easy to make too. Step 7 of this page shows it in use...
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    NFR NFL 2023 Season

    Maybe he was still shaken up after being 'Happy Gilmore'd' by Kelce?
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    NFR NFL 2023 Season

    It's the Big One!!
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    NFR NFL 2023 Season

    Is it possible that our entertainment industry is obsessed with making every moment awesome and epic? If everything is epic, nothing is, right? Have we lost our subtlety and depth. I think next year they should hire some of those Buddhist monks to rake designs into sand.
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    What's in your vise?

    Is the bead for looks, or so you don't have to use lead wire to keep it in place, or ..? I like the idea of not having to use lead wire with a cone-head.
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    NFR What Are You Drinking?

    I usually drink a small glass of whiskey or scotch straight after fishing. Been enjoying a poor man's Tennessee mule lately; ginger beer, couple and a shot of Buffalo Trace.
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    working with ringneck pheasant tail feathers

    Awesome video! thx for the link.
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    working with ringneck pheasant tail feathers

    Thanks, I'm basically happy with the results. I rolled the feathers around in my hand, scruffed them a bit with a toothbrush. I also put a few twists at the top and bottom of the dubbig loop before inserting the material into the middle of the loop so that the thread bit into the barbules...
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    working with ringneck pheasant tail feathers

    Ya, that would work. I have quite a bit of pheasant rump in red. But I think that the effect for this pattern is to have stiffer fibers, and a sparser wrap, kind of like wrapping bits of lady amherst over a maribou collar. I did have a fairly successful go at it last night. This is the start...
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    working with ringneck pheasant tail feathers

    Thanks all, I'm gonna use these tips next time I'm at the vise.
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    working with ringneck pheasant tail feathers

    I'm trying to spin it in a dubbing loop and really struggling to separate the barbules. See the pic below. My results are fairly dismal so far, that pic is the best attempt I've had. These things are like strips of velcro and just want to clump back together. Then when I do get them separated...
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    Run Etiquette

    I had an interesting situation related to etiquette. I was standing above and across the river from a popular run looking for fish. It's a real popular spot for scouting. There were 2 people fishing it; looked like a guide and a client. I was probably 50-75yards from them and a good 20-25ft...
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    Spey Bros

    Spey Tribe, Spey Bros potato/potaahhtoo? Don't shoot the messenger. All I know about this topic is what I read on random bumper stickers stuck to guard rails.
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    NFR NFL 2023 Season

    Yes, in some dillusional minds the fabled Rams are playing tomorrow. But the actual Rams are watching this round from home like the rest of us.
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    NFR NFL 2023 Season

    Man, Those folks are real fans. The coldest I ever got was at a WSU game. I had all my cold weather gear on, but sitting on an aluminum bench in -10deg weather with the wind howling... that's worse than wading in a river in winter. They had heaters going in the bathroom and I spent most of my...