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  1. Buzzy

    Cell Phone Pics

    Worms, hot dogs and ice cream at the snack stand............ I'd always heard worms were edible. ;-)
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  3. Buzzy

    Coffee talk

    My first roast was in December, 2017 and I roast (usually) once a week, lots of beans have gotten hot in that bowl. My bamboo spoon is well blackened, so are the 1X mahogany boards that the bowl sits on inside a cardboard box.
  4. Buzzy

    Coffee talk

    I don't know about the difference between dry process and wet process (and I had to look up quaker beans) but I do like the patina on my roasting pan: (Ethiopian beans)
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    IMG_2982 (1).jpg

  6. Buzzy

    NFR Best concerts

    Dave Brubeck! Call me jealous. I wish I'd seen Jim Hall. Stevie Ray Vaughn at the Gorge; great guitar work, wild crowd.
  7. Buzzy

    Coffee talk

  8. Buzzy

    Basin Lake; left my lunch at home

    From today, the big guy's grandson?
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    IMG_2981 - Copy.jpg

  10. Buzzy

    NFR Government shutdown

    I really like Japanese eggplant (they look like Paluch's emoji) sliced about 5 mm thick, pan seared with a little sesame oil, a touch of soy, grated garlic and lots of fresh grated ginger root. Damned tasty if I do say (so). That thing Evan shows...... I'll pass on. ;-)
  11. Buzzy

    What are you listening to?

    @clarkman got something heavy going ----^ Driving up to the lake this morning, my feed played something at the other end of the spectrum? ---↓ If classical isn't your thing, ignore Elgar's cello concerto.
  12. Buzzy

    What's in your cast iron tonight?

    Chicken curry with fresh potatoes and carrots.
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  14. Buzzy

    Basin Lake; left my lunch at home

    Yes, he is. I think the brown was a buck but...... it is still swimming around the lake, not too far from the weedy dropoff you told me about.
  15. Buzzy

    Weird things in the woods

    You have a bit of thread drift with your story so I'll follow ;-) I love the F-18's that suddenly blast over the top of coulee I'm bobbing around in my pram or float tube; once the initial "what the hell is this" is over, it's fun to watch them roll around the next bend of the coulee and...
  16. Buzzy

    Basin Lake; left my lunch at home

    I've been hearing some good fishing reports from "another Basin lake", this one is a general regulation lake popular with the powerbait anglers and Ford fender trollers. Now that it's fall, the crowds are elsewhere. Late yesterday afternoon I decided to give the lake a shot only to get down...
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    IMG_1643 - Copy.jpg

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    IMG_2955 - Copy.jpg

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