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    Show me your bass

    @KFCDAVE Pre work bass count as double Fall Smurfs doing Smurf things
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    What's in your vise?

    Handful of the downsized fleein cray. They’ve been a good fall bait here for me this year.
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    Asking for some input

    Collapsible rubber bucket or a feed bucket. But that’s mostly for the cans and bottles, line etc trash. For food trash still tend to use plastic garbage bags.
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    Wading boot laces

    I also precut my laces after comparing them to a pair of boots (I don’t do every pair of boots I own, figure it’s close enough for the others), but after cutting I make sure to singe the ends with a lighter, much easier to thread them through eyelets and such.
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    Wading boot laces

    Yup I do the paracord and just keep some extra in the truck or in fishing packs in case I need it.
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    flouro tippet?

    double post.
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    flouro tippet?

    P Line Halo. 2lb or 4lb for trout nymphing and 10lb for streamers/spinning rod leaders. I e messed with seaguar red but only Like it in 8 and 6lb.
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    Drift boat alternative?

    How fast of a river and any actual whitewater/rapids? I fished out of something similar many times on flat, smallmouth water out here in PA
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    Walleye on the fly

    I have loosely ‘targeted’ them just from a standpoint that I recall when I’ve caught some as bycatch (either smallie fishing or Muskie fishing, all in rivers) and then tried to replicate that. Very different experience but similar to what @RichS said - condition dependent. The rivers I fish I...
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    Airflo Bass Line???

    Likely go with the rod weight. What rod? I have some soft rods that I underline with modern lines.
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    Airflo Bass Line???

    Yup it’s a good line. I like the SA bass bug and SA titan long better but buddies swear by the Airflo and it’s damn close. So I’d think the slight difference/preference is just personal and would recommend that line