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  1. Brian Miller

    Wyoming corner crossers prevail

    Just for giggles, in two minutes I located Elk Mountain Ranch - DBA Iron Bar Holdings in a Google Search. I got general the general location, went there with Google Maps, got the coordinates, put them into Gaia and voila! If you have Gaia or OnX + Google, look for public roads, property lines...
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  5. Brian Miller

    Wyoming corner crossers prevail

    Not a lot of extra info here but here is an attorney that frequently pops up in my YT feed discussing this
  6. Brian Miller

    Seattle I5 Corridor Rabbits.

    Same here, with my dogs running them to ground out back and dead possums on roads, now rarely see any. Curious as to why. Don't see any raccoons around the area now either. Many squirrels and Cottontails though.
  7. Brian Miller

    Wyoming corner crossers prevail

    Fishing streams that are on public land adjacent to private property has allowed me some interaction with a couple of land owners; at least one of whom said the purchase of their property included both sides of the stream. Then the state or county who owned the property on the other side of the...
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  9. Brian Miller

    Wyoming corner crossers prevail

    It's beyond my ability to fully comprehend but I wonder if (and actually expect) there will be additional litigation to determine once and for all if completely and effectively closing off public lands in a checkerboard of parcels in and of itself is "intent" to exclude, and if the "public user"...
  10. Brian Miller

    Wyoming corner crossers prevail

    Agreed! Dang, there is some pretty vigorous language in that Act. I wonder if it conflicts with other statutes?,tract%20of%20public%20land%20subject
  11. Brian Miller

    2023 WA rivers opening day.... share your reports!

    I mentioned in another thread I don't do 3 day weekends (seldom any weekend) but I got out last week to a year-round stream on more of a scouting trip with several objectives; all of which were accomplished :). I knew from past log entries about this stream the water would be higher-faster than...
  12. Brian Miller

    General River Opener

    I don't do 3 day weekends. Got new access to 2 nearby streams scoped out, and AHPS look-ahead CFS looking swell for Tues, Wed... My 2 Curtis Creeks since the early 1990s still have too much snowmelt, mid to late-June is typical for dropping into shape. I'm ready!
  13. Brian Miller

    CO River Access

    I researched a similar issue due to the problem with the access I previously mentioned that I had lost. What's reasonable-usable depends on: Where would I park my car? Where's the closest road that crosses the tracks? Where are my favorite sections on the stream? If the tracks parallel the...
  14. Brian Miller

    First raft trip

    I use the app to determine cfs for wading and fishability. But there isn't a frame of reference for a body of water until I've got some experience with it. After I do get familiar with a river I can create a "destination" in the app with too high-high-medium-low-too low levels I...
  15. Brian Miller

    CO River Access

    Sounds good and I'd love to see it, but what would determine the min-max distance between or another criteria for siting of the pedestrian crossings?
  16. Brian Miller

    CO River Access

    I derailed the OP about the difficulty of public access to public waters by selfishly focusing too much on pigs whose actions have gotten long established access to one of my nearby streams closed off (to me). The core of the legal case in the OP was about... "the issue of “navigability” — a...
  17. Brian Miller

    CO River Access

    There is a 5 mile reach of a stream I've loved to fish since at least 2008. Gaia maps and the Assessor's GIS show the actual stream and a strip of at least one or both banks is owned by the county with the private property abutting it, so technically I can access at any road bridge because maps...
  18. Brian Miller

    Danish Stripping Baskets

    $90 - $100 and a hook and loop strip glued onto the basket attaches the belt to the basket? :unsure: 1st review on the SA website... 😯 "MAY 31, 2022 I really wanted to love this but the velcro strip that is glued to the basket pulled off almost entirely in under an hour the very first time I...
  19. Brian Miller

    Puget Sound

    This ^^^ The fish don't have to be there. Makes me appreciate all the variables lined up in my favor, for that day, that place, and that time. In addition to the other recommendations, I went to some beaches at very low (minus) tides without fishing gear to photograph - map the structure and...
  20. Brian Miller

    Puget Sound

    My silver Sharpie marks at 10' intervals faded pretty quickly and though they looked great in the garage when I did them were hard to see while fishing on very dark olive and grey sinking lines. I'm going to try fluorescent permanent Sharpies or acrylic markers.