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  1. Nick Clayton

    What's in your vise?

    Been messing around with variations of this pattern lately.
  2. 20230131_155221-01.jpeg


  3. Nick Clayton

    NFL 2022 Season

    Gotta admit I'm pretty surprised. Didn't seem like he was too interested in the job. Trading coaches like that always seems a bit strange to me. Like, in order for him to take over a franchise that is already struggling for draft capital he has to agree to be traded, which results in losing...
  4. Nick Clayton

    Looking for ideas for a guided trip

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will be out on the ocean during that time, but can definitely provide some recommendations for the sound for that time if that's the direction you want to go.
  5. Nick Clayton

    NFR XFL 2023 - Seattle Sea Dragons

    Did someone page me?
  6. Nick Clayton

    NFL 2022 Season

    Solid game. Chiefs defense sure played a good game. Mahomes definitely didn't look like a guy with a high ankle sprain on that last run. That's one competitive dude for sure. Should be a good SB.
  7. Nick Clayton

    Going Deep (OCD????.....) w/ Fly Box Organization

    I'd also be willing to bet he isn't "on your level" standing on a coho beach either. I'm sure he's very good competitive fly angler, but that doesn't mean a whole lot within the realm of real world fly fishing.
  8. Nick Clayton

    NFL 2022 Season

    Wasn't wanting to see the Niners win today but sucks to see them lose in this fashion. What a brutal string of injuries. Was really wanting to see how Purdy was going to do today.
  9. Nick Clayton

    Puyallup Sportsmans Show

    Not a big fan of the show. I don't mind wandering around for a bit checking out the campers and some of the marine stuff, but really not much there that interests me. If you want to wander around and visit 47383 steelhead guide booths it's great.
  10. Nick Clayton

    Lost & Found

    You find so much cool shit. Good on you for trying to get it back to its owner. I just wish you would find my friggen coho
  11. Nick Clayton

    Puget Sound

    In the time I've been regularly fishing the south sound, and in the general areas I tend to focus on, I've seen a bit of a cycle if you will in regards to where I regularly find large numbers of coho. It seems I'll find some very consistent areas that I can count on for a couple few years, then...
  12. Nick Clayton

    Puget Sound

    We're approaching the time of year where things can get a little bit goofy on the south sound, at least in regards to src. Not that fish can't be caught, but I'd say I'm less surprised by slower days this time of year than others. Coho wise I haven't been seeing large numbers of them in the...
  13. Nick Clayton

    The Last Guide

    Haven't watched this yet but I definitely will when I get the time. Guiding for 76 years. That's absolutely mind blowing to me. Wow.
  14. Nick Clayton

    What's in your vise?

    Very much agreed. I've been tying and fishing a lot of patterns with an orange collar this winter. Long been a favorite for baitfish patterns but am adding it to more and more patterns this year. Can I say it absolutely makes a difference? Nope. But I dig it, and I haven't tied a pattern with...
  15. Nick Clayton

    Brand New to Fly Tying

    Also another vote for tying multiple of any pattern. I tend to tie at least 6 of any new pattern I'm learning. Inevitably fly number 6 comes out much better than my first attempts. Often it's just a matter of getting a feel for the right proportions of the various materials, at least for me...
  16. Nick Clayton

    Brand New to Fly Tying

    Geez, I'd be ashamed to post a pic of my first fly, even if I had one. That's impressive as all get out. I remember tying my first reverse spiders, after I'd been tying for a good many years. Not a super duper technical pattern, but definitely not the easiest either. Especially that reverse...
  17. Nick Clayton

    We've Survived One Year! The Official Celebration Thread

    Awesome! Congrats on a successful first year guys. I know a lot of hard work went into this. I definitely appreciate it. This place is rad.