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  1. Richard Olmstead

    What are you listening to?

    I've been listening to some old Wayne Shorter since hearing of his passing a couple days ago. I first came to appreciate him from his playing with Miles Davis, and especially with Weather Report, but I think my favorite Wayne Shorter album was "Native Dancer." It introduced me to Milton...
  2. Richard Olmstead

    Spotted my first cougar…

    Very cool, Roper! Glad you made his acquaintance. I've seen two in the wild (I use that term loosely for the second one). The first was while doing fieldwork in central Nevada in the early 80s driving down a two-track at dusk looking for a place to camp. It came out of the sagebrush from...
  3. Richard Olmstead

    Cautionary Tale - I found a dead angler in the SolDuc this morning

    So sorry for the man’s family, but also my condolences to you for the trauma you experienced.
  4. Richard Olmstead

    Go-to Trout Lake Patterns

    I fish lakes more than moving water anymore, now that I've stopped harassing steelhead and salmon. Here in western WA there are lakes that are open year round and typically have bigger fish than the west side streams do. Folks have posted some very fishy looking patterns, and I've tied/fished...
  5. Richard Olmstead

    Need trip ideas for late June.

    One more note. From your location, the above suggestions would mean less driving and more fishing.
  6. Richard Olmstead

    Need trip ideas for late June.

    Hard time of year to fish moving water in the northern Rockies. You might look to southern OR, northern NV, or SW ID. Without hot spotting, that’s prime time on a number of rivers in that area.
  7. Richard Olmstead

    Northern ID vs NW MT in early April?

    Northern ID is tough sleddin’ that time of year. Lot more snow west of the Bitterroot crest usually. I don’t think those streams have the pre-runoff access that MT has.
  8. Richard Olmstead

    Hinman Glacier

    Sad news. Hinman glacier is visible from many trails and summits in the central cascades. Of course, in most years the basin where the glacier once resided will still be filled by a substantial snowfield that will still be visible, and may, in good years, persist until snow flies, so many folks...
  9. Richard Olmstead


    I visited the park yesterday to see the project and am generally pleased with the concept and implementation, but my concern was that only the very highest tides would inundate the tide pool constructed upstream of the RR trestle. Vandelay's images at an +11' tide show that it looks like it...
  10. Richard Olmstead

    Prince of Darkness

    Is that a grizzly hackle collar (not listed in the recipe)?
  11. Richard Olmstead

    NFR Rock and Roll

    I used to put Blow By Blow on high volume mornings after a heavy night of partying. If that didn’t clear the brain fog, nothing would! I haven’t listened to his guitar for years, but will dial up some over the next few days.
  12. Richard Olmstead

    Quickie Winter Lake Report

  13. Richard Olmstead

    Quickie Winter Lake Report

    I got out last Friday to a Cascades foothills lake for my first fish of the year. Water temp was 40ºF so I only stayed on the water for a couple hours, but I had 8-10 touches and 3 to the net, all 16-17", on leeches fished on the bottom.
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  15. Richard Olmstead

    Tiny fly challenge.....

    Here’s a #20 zebra midge along with a January brown from a small river back east somewhere. If you look closely, you can see the fly in its lip.
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  18. Richard Olmstead

    Tiny fly challenge.....

    Some #20 biot-bodied dries.
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  20. Richard Olmstead


    Having been fly fishing a range of waters, fresh/salt, still/moving, and around a variety of fly fisherman for many years now without ever having heard of a ‘blob’ fly, I’m beginning to wonder if this entire thread is some sort of AI virus that has infected the forum.