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  1. Divad

    Puget Sound

    Thank you Steve, I love the info gained. I was surprised to not see trout cruising with their mouths open due to the quantity.
  2. Divad

    Puget Sound

    Split 2.5hrs between two beaches today at low tide. At the first I found loads of 12-15in residents loving the slow stripped shrimp pattern. At the second beach I watched one fish rise and did my best on predicting his movement. As my next cast was about to land he rose under it. Didn’t see...
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  7. Divad

    Messing around with new camera, checking out that Chinese Spy Balloon, couldn't believe what I saw!

    My grandfather (navy) used to tell me about how they’d turn off all radar, go completely dark to enter “controversial” water during the cold war. They’d then flip everything back on and have fighter jets scrambled on them in minutes and claim they were having problems. A gentle probe to check...
  8. Divad

    Old Broodstock Rainbows? 2/2/2023

    Those are some pretty decent flippers on those jumbo trout @jasmillo great color too.
  9. Divad

    Old Broodstock Rainbows? 2/2/2023

    Excuse me if this is a dumb question. If Sop Springs is rearing broods 6 months longer and spawning, why do they look healthier? The state labels brooders and the longer reared fish all in the “jumbo” category. But anecdotally, it seems some lakes get more of the broods proportionally...
  10. Divad

    Old Broodstock Rainbows? 2/2/2023

    Indeed this! Thank you, sometimes I struggle to convey the right wording. That lake is not a put n take lake, but a majority of the stockings from Eells are. More respect should be placed on the food raised and for the health/safety of the lakes stocked. Last years stockings were heavily...
  11. Divad

    Messing around with new camera, checking out that Chinese Spy Balloon, couldn't believe what I saw!

    If you were an American doing this, the FAA would be in your keister. Heck even a drone gets the feds on you. China said it was a “student project” so this gives them a pass…what backbone this govt has.
  12. Divad

    Old Broodstock Rainbows? 2/2/2023

    This was originally my finger pointing but some concrete jungles produce healthier fish in SW WA. I’m thinking it’s a product of asking too much from a facility. And because the accepted health of fish is what it is at Eells they’ve managed to get away with it.
  13. Divad

    Old Broodstock Rainbows? 2/2/2023

    I was going to say this too! CBTF (Sop Springs) has their fish still plumping up right now but they look incredibly healthy. Last year it got to the point I didn’t even fish the lakes with Eells jumbos. Heck just attach a 5lb weight to your line, drop it and reel it in because that’s all those...
  14. Divad

    Old Broodstock Rainbows? 2/2/2023

    Those are Eells Spring Goblins, perfectly normal for them and likely a this year fish. That hatchery seriously needs to be audited. Last year I made a thread about this here and it’s sad to see it continue. The “jumbo” fish produced at that hatchery are a disgrace. Seemingly the smaller 1lbers...
  15. Divad

    Plinking Near Seattle

    Casual reminder to clean up your reactionary targets or I’ll slash your tires 😎❤️
  16. Divad

    Rod Building No. Fork Composites, not Glass, not Graphite but Linen (flax) rod blanks. !

    Well you can’t assume her gender. That could be a man, fighting the cleavage oppression men have had for decades. But really to be fair I was watching the stripping, I didn’t even notice the downward shot until noted. I think Gary shows more than enough cleavage to even it out 🤘 By the way I...
  17. Divad

    NFR Inside Pebble Bar, NYC

    Reminds me of my 21st birthday in Vegas I took harvest earnings, except the “later” part was asleep in a fountain. It was a real pretty fountain for what it’s worth and contrary to the gals earlier in the night, she didn’t ask for drinks.
  18. Divad

    Favorite Month for PNW Fly Fishing (Multi-species)

    I’d say September/Oct as well, anything after Labor Day. Schools will be back in session and this relieves a large crowd. Late summer is less chance of blown out rivers, awesome lake fishing and as @SurfnFish said, the salt will hold some big fish staging.
  19. Divad

    SFR Vancouver/Portland area: Warehouse manager position

    So you work the Big A too huh? My favorite curveball question: “Assuming you work 50 hours, sleep 8 hours a day, what do YOU do with the remaining 62 hours a week?” Gosh I love people’s faces on that question as it has nothing to do with the job and everything about long term satisfaction in a...
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