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  1. Wolverine

    Cell Coverage Question

    I had ATT since phones were the size of bricks. Several years ago switched to T-Mobile as I got tired of being gouged by Rogers Wireless as ATT would switch to Rogers every time I went to Canada. T-Mobile works fine in Europe.
  2. Wolverine

    NFR Battery powered chainsaw(s)?

    Ego chainsaw, weed eater, and leaf blower. all use the same batteries. Also have a battery Stihl 8” bar 1 hander for light pruning. Only gasser left is the lawnmower.
  3. Wolverine

    Puyallup Sportsmans Show

    Haven’t been to this show in 4 years. I used to go to checkout BC and Alaska fishing lodges. This year, and the past 3 I’ve been soaking up the sunshine in Palm Desert instead.
  4. Wolverine

    NFR 1963

    Was a college freshman sleeping off my first, and worst, hangover. My roommate woke me up and we went down to the commons and watched the proceedings on a black & white TV with 50 others. Terrible day that I'll always remember.
  5. Wolverine

    Tuna 2022, let the games begin!

    Sportco had the magazine yesterday.
  6. Wolverine

    SFR Squirrels (Thread of month contender)

    So far this year in the live traps. 37 squirrels, 8 rabbits, 2 possum, 3 rats, and 1 very angry blue jay. Now if I could just find a way to get rid of the moles I'd be a happy camper.
  7. Wolverine

    1944, least we forget…

    I was there for the 40th anniversary. I was with my dad and 2 uncles. 1 uncle hit the beach on D-day, the other a week later. Dad didn’t get to Europe until the fall as he was recovering from wounds in North Africa. I vividly remember our walks on the bluffs and the US cemeteries their...
  8. Wolverine

    May 18th 1980

    I was Living in Kirkland at the time and was washing the salt water crud off my boat from the previous days trip salmon fishin. When I heard a deep rumble and figured it might have been the mountain going off.
  9. Wolverine

    Most scenic places to crap in the west.

    My parents were really into hunting. One year after they came home with only the buck that mom shot (dad was ribbed unmercifully by the other guys in camp) dad was sitting on the throne at home. He looked out the window and saw an 8 point (eastern count) whitetail buck come out of the corn...
  10. Wolverine


    I never dipped for smelt in Washington. In Michigan we’d use long handled fine mesh nets and sweep along the beaches in one of the Great Lakes. If the water was rough the smelt would get pushed up onto the sand, and then we’d pick them up with our hands.
  11. Wolverine

    Ditch Z

    There will be a lot of very envious people after viewing this. Great job!
  12. Wolverine

    Anyone grow their own bait?

    I’ve used meal worms, mousies, and corn bores a lot for ice fishing. I’ve kept them in the small garage beer fridge between trips as momma’s not happy if she opens the big fridges and bugs come flying out.
  13. Wolverine

    Coffee talk

    A new machine for my birthday. It replaces one that I’ve had for 22 years.
  14. Wolverine

    The Obligatory Pedal Kayak thread

    I pedal mooch troll for salmon a lot. My rod holders are in front of me on my Hobie Pro Angler. I always have the rods in the holder. I don't want the rod yanked overboard and I want the fish to have time to take the bait before I set the hooks. Old steelheader quick on the trigger habits are...
  15. Wolverine

    Drift Fishing

    Bouncing Betties were/are popular with flossers on the Fraser river sockeye and king fisheries.
  16. Wolverine


    3 of us were trolling the PNP - Pilot Pt track on a nice mid September day in the mid 90’s. One of the guys was seriously into the barley pops and had faded badly and was snoring in the cabin. We filleted a nice coho and securely hooked the carcass up to a flasher/hoochie and sent it down on the...
  17. Wolverine

    Unrepentant Bait Thug

    Unrepentant Bait Thug