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    NFL 2022 Season

    Basically. You should watch the movie "Moneyball" if you get a chance. It's about how analytics got started with the baseball Oakland A's.
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    Cookies ERROR problems... (inc darkmode)

    I had the cookie issue (don't use darkmode). Firefox & Chrome on mac & safari on ipad. The error on firefox was a little more persistent, had to clear the cache a few times for the error to go away. I poked around this morning to see if I could get the error to show. All seems fine, except...
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    Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.29.24 AM.png

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    NFL 2022 Season

    I'd say they are implying that Jimmy G is a bargain.
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    "You're gonna need a bigger bowl"

    “utmost care is taken when all our carp are caught,” adding that "fish are... never removed fully from the water" Never. Ever.
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    WTF, WDFW?

    In the context of the (title of) the original post, I'd say the WDFW screws the Eastside & Westside differently, but equally. WTF for sure.
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    WTF, WDFW?

    Sure. The following from Merriam-webster is a positive ”or not”. At least in my view: a : preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field She can get wonky about the economy when she wants to, but what sets her apart is her ability to tell a coherent, populist story about...
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    WTF, WDFW?

    I’m thinking you did not like “wonky”. It can be a negative word. Or not. I think you might be a bit wonky about certain things, and I say that admiringly.
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    Fly Fishing & Trekking in Gabon west Africa

    Thank you for this @DimeBrite.
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    Six Gray Wolves in Washington Were Fatally Poisoned, Officials Say (NY Times)

    And there are the dogs that look like bears...
  11. bear-dogs-34__605.jpg


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    Welcome Fall

    Your friend can post whatever he/she/they/them/etc/etc likes Swimmy! But I am certain a Fall decor thread would get more traction if you started one. Tell your friend :) (y)
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    Welcome Fall

    Thanks Gyrfalcon!
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    Welcome Fall

    Yes Old Man. You have passed there.
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    Welcome Fall

    Fall is here! My favorite time of year. Its a time of culmination, of fruition, of soft reconciliation. The hours are no longer endless, and the light perhaps more precious because of that. We harvest, we gather, we honor and celebrate. Fall is here.
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    Canyon Creek

    Damfino where that is
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    NFL 2022 Season

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    Boat covers

    Maybe if you made a pvc a frame, like this picture. Snow should slide right off?