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  1. Paige

    RIP Gallagher

    Rest in peace MR. Gallagher, one of the best! The watermelons finally have revenge.
  2. Paige

    16yr old Kidbgets massive Elk!

    Damn, at 16yrs old!
  3. Paige

    Record Hybrid

    Open SmartNews and read "‘Monster’ hybrid trout an absolute beauty – and a record catch" here: To read it on the web, tap here:
  4. Paige

    What's this bug?

    What's this bug and why are there dozens all over the siding of my house? I've seen them over the years but never like this.
  5. Paige

    Stilly is shut down again!

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 Sept. 30, 2022 Contact: Fish Program, 360-902-2700 Stillaguamish River and tributaries to close to all fishing beginning Oct. 1 OLYMPIA – With encounters of threatened Chinook...
  6. Paige

    State record Tiger Trout

    Daaaammn! Open SmartNews and read "World Record Tiger Trout Caught by Washington State Woman" here: To read it on the web, tap here:
  7. Paige

    My new cutthroat boat!

  8. Paige

    Cant fix stupid!
  9. Paige

    Wanna get high

    Dolphins getin lit by puffer fish!
  10. Paige

    Waterfront house for sale!

    Russel Wilson's old house for sale! With a low monthly payment of 171K, JFC.
  11. Paige

    Whats in your smoker?

    Beef short ribs on the Green Moutain this afternoon for the Super Bowl! So juicy, so delicious!
  12. Paige

    Old Sage rod?

    I found an old Sage rod of my dad's. I'm assuming it was his older steelhead rod before he got his G Loomis GL 2 which is substantially lighter and a thinner blank. Anyone know the story on this rod? 286C SS4 2 ≈ power rating? 86= 8'6" SS4 ?
  13. Paige

    FS Closet cleaning

    Need to off load some duplicates and no longer needed. 4 1/4 Hardy 1912 reproduction perfect. $900 3 3/4 post war Hardy perfect, long foot, tight no woble RHW. $500 CND Black Spey 15' 9/10/11 4pc $150 More pics available on request buyer pays shipping
  14. Paige

    Kiribati in lockdown.

    Not good for the small communities!
  15. Paige

    Any BOO fans out there?

    I have 2 Riverwatch Bamboo rods that I absolutely love! 12' 7/8 that makes me giggle every time I use it! 13' 8/9 still new to me and trying out lines for it. Still a dream to cast! What BOO do you have and love?