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  1. SpeyrodGB

    Cell Phone Pics

    Went for a lil atv ride .
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    Awesome Dogs of PNW

    such a wonderful breed of dog. I wish my "meth lab" was that mellow. Whiskey would have taken the air hose across the road or chewed it up.
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    Cell Phone Pics

    The moon was hiding behind a cloud.
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  6. SpeyrodGB

    Awesome Dogs of PNW

    I was thinking delicate. Maybe even fluff cycle.
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    Idaho Spring Bear

    What a place to watch the show. No artificial light pollution there.
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    On my my down the river.
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  10. SpeyrodGB

    Chironomid body wrap?

    You can always use heavy thread (ultra thread 210 or 280), wire rib and some up resin. The heavy thread builds up quickly. I’ve used it for soft hackle bodies in the past.
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    Idaho Spring Bear

    Good luck
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    How are you storing/organizing your (flat) materials?

    Thanks for the tips. I used zip lock bags in my dubbing and chenille boxes to separate dubbing by manufacturer of regular and flashy chenille. Polar chenille is in a separate container. Just recently created a soft hackle cape box. Kind of scary how many materials one can accumulate over...
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    What's in your vise?

    Great book.
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    2024 YNP Fishing Permits Now Available

    I guess it’s been a few years since I purchased a park license. I have no doubt there has been an increase in visitation. It’s quite the popular place.
  15. SpeyrodGB

    2024 YNP Fishing Permits Now Available

    The cost has gone up.
  16. SpeyrodGB

    What's in your vise?

    You buy tailing packs so you don’t have to buy the entire cape. The capes are nice though, if/when you can find them. There are saddles as well. There are even hen capes, which work well for large soft hackles.
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    Idaho Spring Bear

    That is some serious elevation. Makes my knees hurt just reading that.
  18. SpeyrodGB

    Idaho Spring Bear

    That is some seriously steep country. Nice pics.
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    NFR Got any mammal pictures

    A lone cow. Still amazed how big these critters are.
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