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  1. skyriver

    First big carp day of 2024

    RIP. Makes it a lot tougher spotting fish. I did the same thing on a baby tarpon trip. It sucks! Congrats on the PB!
  2. skyriver

    Short Day in the Desert

    That's a good day! Well, besides the Lego anchor in the boot. :LOL:
  3. skyriver

    2024 Shad stuff

    One more. 17", fat and the best fight I've had since some baby tarpon I caught in Cancun in January of 23. I seriously thought I had an early run sockeye. And 5 of her buddies were chasing all the way to the net. Lake Washington is rearing some fatties. I've caught plenty smaller ones in...
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  9. skyriver

    Dozens of Carp at a lake near Spokane

    He's a super nice guy and VERY fishy. Has a unique and productive fishery there.
  10. skyriver

    Dozens of Carp at a lake near Spokane

    This guy is the master. He has lots of awesome videos, but this might be a good one to start with. Carp on the Fly And yes, you'll want a floating line. 10' leader and then some flies that sink pretty quick, some that sink a bit slower and then some unweighted ones. Kayak while sitting will...
  11. skyriver

    Dozens of Carp at a lake near Spokane

    Glad to see you are contemplating a bigger rod. A 5wt won't cut it man. Get an 8wt. Then you'll have a carp rod as well as a rod for bass, bull trout, steelhead & salmon along with a plethora of saltwater species like bonefish, snook and baby tarpon. Your carp sound like they'll give an 8wt...
  12. skyriver

    The Cape of Cod (caution...hero shots)

    That looks so damn fun!
  13. skyriver

    The good boat deal thread

    Ugly and not a good deal. I wanna know if the capt can see over the bow when under power. That thing is crazy.
  14. skyriver

    2024 Shad stuff

    Thanks Curt. Always appreciate your input. Biologically, I would think sockeye are the main concern? Would love to hear your take. Socially and enforcement-wise the Cedar could become very unsavory. I got to fish in peace last night. Well, besides the guy sleeping in the back of his truck...
  15. skyriver

    2024 Shad stuff

    My buddy's friend of a friend's pic in this article. Shad in the Cedar "We have received several reports this week of anglers catching non-native American shad in the Cedar River near Renton,” said WDFW spokesman Chase Gunnell" I'm not worried about shad eating salmon fry. Bass and trout...
  16. skyriver

    2024 Shad stuff

    Went 1 for 2. This one is just under 15" and very healthy. Fought great. We have a run people.
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  18. skyriver

    Personal Best Carp

    I would be more comfortable eating those since they are not bottom feeders. Would I eat a lot of them from the mid & lower big C? Nope Here's one reason why- Big C contaminated
  19. skyriver

    Personal Best Carp

    I'm not eating any carp caught in Washington. At least in the spots I usually target them. Definitely not anything out of the Columbia system. If I was certain a fish had spent all their time in a Columbia trib like the Washougal or Deschutes then ok, let's try it. I pass on the PCBs and...
  20. skyriver

    Single Spey Traditional or Improved style

    I'm guilty of the occasional Bloody L. And I agree with @_WW_ I'm usually casting a short Skagit so I feel I can get away with a bit more. I'm right-handed. If I'm river left like Simon was with an upstream wind and I have a dry tip or a 2.5' sink tip with a non-weighted fly then I'll single...