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  1. Sam Roffe

    SFR W. Wash Motorcycle riders: I’d like your help reviewing a reel!

    Fly reel testing has officially become a spectator sport.
  2. Sam Roffe

    FS Camping/RV Spot - Yakima River Waterfront near Thorp

    Thanks. I alway like to have options on where to camp. I don’t like crowds.
  3. Sam Roffe

    Anyone Tie with Bison?

    Bison fur makes some real nice warm hats, socks, and gloves for winter fishing.. I was introduced to bison wool by an old family friend.
  4. Sam Roffe

    Trailer Blinkers/Lights Troubleshooting

    Fortunately, probably not. A relay is a relay,…. But yeah, there are a lot of computers in a modern vehicle. Glad you solved your problem. Sometimes it’s just the lowly connector. Ps. Some one already prove me wrong so forget what I said about relay…
  5. Sam Roffe

    Saltwater fly storage- prevent hook rust

    Since I use a boat, and beach launch and retrieve it each time, I will rinse my flies in fresh water and let the air dry on the seat or other horizontal surface in the boat until next time. I think storing them in the open air is important. They will last me the season depending on the hook if...
  6. Sam Roffe

    The Fling has flung…

    Wow. Even had glasses made for the occasion. Good show.
  7. Sam Roffe

    High and Muddy

    My wife and I love that campground.
  8. Sam Roffe

    I just had to.

    I inherited that same model from my dad’s collection.
  9. Sam Roffe

    Which one of you bought this?!

    Imagine the cost of flies made with those feathers.
  10. Sam Roffe

    NFR Who has a folding tonneau cover on their truck?

    I'm kind of a tonneau cover guy, I like to keep the truck profile while keeping my stuff out of sight. I currently have a fiberglass lid on my truck and it's a royal pain to take off. Not as hard as a canopy, but, awfully heavy. I've been eying the Diamondback series of covers for my truck...
  11. Sam Roffe

    Shrimp pot marauder!

    Squid on the other hand is really good.
  12. Sam Roffe

    Small backpacking radio

    are you wanting to listen to AM, FM, Shortwave? I bet shortwave would come in great being away from the city.
  13. Sam Roffe

    Idaho Spring Bear

    That would have been awesome being on a mountain ridges, seeing the northern lights. Especially Friday night.
  14. Sam Roffe

    Puget Sound

    Finally hit the water last night. Kind of a goat rope. Misplaced my flies so I went with what I could find laying around the boat from last year. No fish, but saw lots a fry or bait everywhere. 3 seals, eagle, otter and sea lion were spotted.
  15. Sam Roffe

    Chironomid body wrap?

    What Merle said. I've been using my stash of that stretch floss material I bought from Kaughmans years ago. I have also used red mylar flash for some of my blood worm patterns. Sam
  16. Sam Roffe

    A Memorial, For A Man Named Greggor

    Absolutely sorry to hear about your grandfather. Your post made me reflect on my grandfather, although we didn't fish together much, he taught me how to tie fishing knots. Also made me reflect on my Dad, who we lost a couple years ago. Every time I fish, I think of him. Ha, I also think of...
  17. Sam Roffe

    Survive the Sound 2024

    My fish is one of the dead. 😭 It appears Willy isn’t free after all. Looks like he died before he even left the Nisqually.
  18. Sam Roffe

    Adhesive advice please - Scadden inflatable

    You'll probably want to rough up, clean up the surfaces before gluing.
  19. Sam Roffe

    Black bamboo “ugly stick”

    Had some crown royal left over eh?
  20. Sam Roffe

    Bird Alert

    Wow, he’s quite away from home.