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    Bombshell Court Victory: Chinook Harvest Harms Southern Resident Killer Whales and Wild Chinook

    Lots of lawyers get rich. Commercial netting continues. Congress funds more studies. Populations of salmon and Orcas continue to decline.
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    Adult Damsels

    Does anyone fish a tandem damsel pattern? On the real ones the front one is blue and the rear one is white. It might help to avoid hooking fish so deep. Two of the Rainbows I caught this year took it so deep that they bled out.
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    Adult Damsels

    Everyone is right! The braided ones work better in flat water but they don’t float well. The foam body ones don’t work in flat water but they float like a cork and catch fish when the lake is rough.
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    Adult Damsels

    Yes, I’ve seen that also. It seems like the trout are knocking damsels off the reeds. Whenever I try to fish in there I seem to hang up on the reeds.
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    Adult Damsels

    The fish get to vote. They will eat the blue one with the wings to the side. It floats like a cork and casts easily on the 5 wt. The live ones flying have the wings spread. The real bugs probably have the wing back if they’re dead on the surface.
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    Adult Damsels

    Here’s what a dead adult looks like on the water: And I’ve tried imitating the crippled tenerils with this pattern with some success: But I think most of the time they’re keyed into the blue adults mating and flying above the surface. Without access to high tech drone technology, I have...
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    Kalama River

    It used to be an interesting fishery and the action occurred before the sun was on the water. It was clear and if you were standing on the road when the sun hit the water, you could watch the fish move into the deepest part of the hole. You could watch the school of fish part as a sink tip...
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    Adult Damsels

    Occasionally and rarely, I have had good fishing for Rainbows with adult damsel patterns. A few years back, it was consistently in a patch of heavy vegetation. There weren’t many takes, but I attributed that to poor visibility as the fish were swimming below the weeds. A few times, the fish...
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    Kalama River

    The fishing in the fly only section was pretty good until just after Y2K. I remember catching 30+ Coho and kings during the two month long season. It wasn’t a snag fishery- the salmon would grab a retrieved fly. It was best before the sunlight hit the water and you could always tell when I...
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    Sow bugs

    This is probably a sowbug. From a Western Washington lake with the stomach pump.